Sunday, April 28, 2013

Good trap for bad Seller !

All seller/buyer/writter name are protected for security purpose.

I was chilling out at starbux, and being at the right place at the right time, i had a damn hell entertaining free show.

I saw a seller who own quite a popular blog (and quite popular of having a bad reputation too). I know her 'cus have met her several times in bazaar as im a seller myself.

We just exchanged smiles and a wave of "hi". She was obviously doing a COD cos she had a big bag of clothes on her hand and was apparently waiting, and anxiously sms-ing and calling. Looks like as if her buyer was late. (and i was guessing that it must be a big client cos of the big bag of clothes)

After 30 mins, she finally decided to leave.

But just as she was turning away, a few girls came up.

She was just bout 6 feet away from the table i was sitting, so i could hear their conversation loud and clear.

Seller: Hey hey, i tried calling you but couldnt reach you.
Buyer: Oh yea sure i know. I was already here an hour ago. I purposely did not pick up.
Seller: *shock* What? You purposely make me wait here?
Buyer: Yea i did just that.
Seller: *still in state of shock* I dont understand.... ?
Buyer: So do you know now how it feels to be purposely ignored and stood up for COD? it's been 3 f*king weeks since I paid for my clothes and u f*king ignore me for my tracking no and my requests for a refund! I'm (Girl's name) you b*tch! Now give me back my 135bux!

That cornered expression of the seller was priceless lol!!! She angrily took out RM135 for the buyer, and stormed off.

But seriously, sometimes i cannot understand how sellers can run a blogshop with such bad repo going around, and they still dare to show face during CODs, and even bazaars.

Arent they afraid buyers will just come and throw banana skin at them?


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