Friday, March 21, 2014

Baju Borong

If you're looking for affordable fashion clothing,
look no further as Baju Borong do have what you need! 
Denim-like duotone shirt for the casual days, 
or tuck it in with your high-waisted skirt as your office wear! ;) 
The edgy camouflage shirt that would look good with any studs & spikes accessories,
wear it with leggings, tuck it in your skirt, or wear it as a jacket! 
Basic long-sleeve blouse that is extra versatile,
and having a total of 11 shades that you could choose from! 
Extra lovely floral print blouse to welcome the beautiful spring season! 
Besides, they're also having an on-going sale in store,
and this peplum top is only at RM15!

That's really really affordable, aren't they?
Shop at Baju Borong today for more!

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